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  Aohong impression

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  Company Introduction


     Established in the year 2000, Aohong Chemical has been serving the global market in the automotive, indoor air- conditioning, refrigeration and gas industries.
     Now, we’re bringing our top quality products and logistic services to Southeast Asia under the name Aohong Thai-Rhoden Refrigerant (Thailand) - a joint-venture establishment between Aohong Chemical and Thai-Rhoden Rubber.


     Aohong Thai-Rhoden Refrigerant (Thailand) Co., Ltd., also known as ATRR,is located in Saraburi province of Thailand,a strategic distribution point to serve the ASEAN market in the automotive, indoorair- conditioning, refrigeration and gas industries. Our devotion to supply eco-friendly refrigerants has earned thetrust and longtermpartnershipswithourcustomers in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and North America.




  Production Center


Aohong Thai-Rhoden Refrigerant (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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